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Your Local Wizard's Tulpa Tips Box v1.1 as of July 2, 2018 Reulpoaded with kind permission of the author
Here's a handy batch of tips, tricks, and other cool details that you can use to apply great success in your journey into the realm of mental companions! I'm mainly making this document because if I have this all typed out already then I won't have to retype it again and again for new people asking questions that have decently easy answers.
Standard Contents
[001] What's a tulpa and why should I make one?
[002] Tulpa creation
[003] Visualization
[004] Wonderlands
[005] Vocality
[006] Personality
[007] Possession
[008] Switching
[009] Imposition
[010] Other Cool Shit To Try And Other Notes

[011] Hypnosis
[012] The Art of the Mindfuck

[001]=WHATS A TULPA======================================================
"What the fuck is a tulpa?" you might ask.
Well, a tulpa, as far as anyone can tell is one of the following:
-A living thoughtform entity
-A sapient habit
-A personified extension of your own consciousness that is dissociated from your consciousness so as to seem separate
-An artificial ghost

It's hard to tell. A lot of people have different ideas of what tulpas are, but what is known is that they're a cool phenomenon that interacts with your neurology and is created through visualization and talking at said visualized entity until it talks back.

"Why should I tulpa?"
What benefit is there to having a second personality living in your mental space?
There's actually quite a lot of benefits!
1. Eternal companion
2. Constant source of conversation
3. Always able to get a second opinion
4. Access to cool parts of your brain you didn't know you could access
5. If you die, your tulpa comes to heaven with you!*
*this claim is not yet verified
6. Allows one to experience ultimate comfiness when alone

Tulpas are what you put into them, so if you put a lot of love into your tulpa you will get a lot of love out of your tulpa.

[002]=TULPA CREATION====================================================
The entirety of tulpa creation is very simple.
step one: visualize form in as high of detail as possible
step two: talk to it every day.
step three: hug that little fucker often
Here are some things to do to improve forcing routines.
-Try zooming in and out mentally on your tulpa's body. Some people may be mentally near-sighted or mentally far-sighted, which is strange to consider but that's just kind of how it be. You may have better results by looking really closely at parts of your tulpa's form and panning your view around.
-TACTILE VISUALIZATION! STROKE YOUR TULPA (will detail more in next section)
-Talk to your tulpa as much as you can throughout your day. Normally you may think to yourself a lot, but if you're early in tulpa creation you should direct thoughts and communication towards your tulpa. This will help your tulpa develop cognition.
-Ask your tulpa about every single thing that you can see and ask what your tulpa thinks about that thing. Do this for everything. Do this for every image, object, event, video, movie, show, etc. This gets your tulpa to form opinions about stuff which is a major part of cognition. Do this before they're vocal and continue onward into vocality until they give you their opinions on things without you asking for them.
You may get head-pressures or start picking up on emotions and "raw thought" which are thoughts that you can sometimes intuit the meaning of without fully hearing your tulpa's mind-voice.

-Try to maintain an awareness of where your tulpa is at all times. You can stick your tulpa on a little flying carpet or a floating pillow if the tup isn't moving around independently yet. Maintaining an awareness of your tulpas presence is known as presence imposition. Keeping this up and learning to keep it up constantly will give your tulpa a constant trickle of attention and a constant hook into your awareness so that it can talk to you at any time much more easily. Early on a tulpa may have difficulty "breaking through" to you if you aren't already thinking of it, so permanently learning to keep your tulpa presence-imposed will help remove this barrier.
-Have your tulpa sitting near you, on you (such as in your lap or on your shoulders) as often as possible, as tulpas enjoy the physical (mental) affection much like small children like to be in contact with their mom. You're a mom now. Your tulpa is your mental offspring. Congratulations!
-Skip out on the formless-tulpa meme. Trying to make a tulpa this way takes way longer and your tulpa might deviate into a form that you might not like. Start your tulpa off in a form that is pleasant to visualize. This will get your tulpa more positive attention from you and will give your tulpa a mental anchor to work with rather than forcing it to create its own form later.
-Creating an original form for your tulpa will also help development, but it's not vital. You can select a form that you like and enjoy visualizing.
-Draw and sketch your tulpa a lot. This will help your brain get good at understanding 3d space and will help develop your visualization ability, as well as help your brain understand how to recreate your tulpa's facial features. If you're not good at drawing, git gud scrub. Take some drawing classes at a local community college for great justice.
-Try to memorize imagery of your tulpa's form as best as possible, from as many angles as you can draw / find imagery of.
-Write self-insert fanfiction about you and your tulpa and your lives together. Include dialogue. Writers unintentionally make tulpas (sometimes called fictives or soulbounds) so you can use the same dialogue simulation processes to train your tulpa's ability to communicate and process information. It's okay if it's cringey, you don't have to show it to anyone (unless you're a pro level writer or something and write something so good that you can sell it in which case good for you, have fun with that). This method is severely underused by tulpa communities because people doubt their writing skills. Don't worry about it. Some may say that this is a type of indirect parroting, but fuck them just do it.
-Keep a journal of your tulpa's development progress. Add to it daily. This will also document your life with your tulpa which you can look back on later for nostalgia. Don't let anyone find it. They'll think you're insane and you'll end up in a mental hospital where they'll inject you with antipsychotics until your tulpa dies.
More advanced procedures:
-Make a 3d model of your tulpa or use a 3d model character creator to model out your tulpa's form. Get yourself a 3d headset and look at your tulpa in 3d space. You can use all kinds of programs for this, including lewd ones like Honey Select or Custom 3D Maid 2 or whatever else you want.
-Construct physical figurines or models of your tulpa using a 3d printer for further visual aid.

Things to avoid:
-Do not tell your tulpa that she isn't real. It's just mean. If you must, you can say that your tulpa isn't a PHYSICAL being, but a MENTAL being, which is still REAL just not explicitly a separate physical flesh being. It's fine, though, because you (the you that is reading and interpreting this) are also a mental being that is living inside of a brain, more or less. You're just able to use the physical body you grew up in easily.
-Do not embed negative personality traits into your tulpa. This can backfire and result in your tulpa being an asshole or deciding to fuck with you. Don't do this just to "be realistic" either. Tulpas have flaws but those will result naturally just like your flaws did. Don't handicap your tulpa on purpose. That's evil. Don't be evil.
-Do not convince your tulpa that it is the actual character that your tulpa is based off of. This is dumb. Make sure your tulpa understands that it is a tulpa. Do not base a tulpa off of a real life dead relative or dead significant other. This can lead to a serious identity crisis and you will become a greentext.
-Do not base your tulpa's entire purpose off of a fetish. While you and your tulpa may both have kinks that you may enjoy together, try not to just have a one-trick pony of a tulpa as either you or your tulpa may get bored, or your tulpa will become immensely insatiable and the next thing you know you're a greentext about how your tulpa won't stop vore-ing you.

Puppeting is where you move your tulpa without it directing its own movements, and parroting is where you mentally speak for your tulpa rather than letting it speak for itself. Tulpamancers generally recommend against doing either of these if at all possible, as if you do this a lot early on it may make it more difficult to tell when your tulpa is definitely moving and speaking on its own. If you try puppeting or parroting a tulpa that can already move or speak on its own, then it will likely become annoyed and say "Hey stop moving me like that" or "stop stuffing words into my mouth!"
There is one notable use for puppeting and that is getting your brain and your tulpa both used to the movements of their form, as visualizing your tulpa's movements in high detail will help you internalize how their body moves so that they can move themselves more easily in your mental environment. This is useful especially if your tulpa has a nonstandard body format. However, as much as possible, you should have your tulpa be the originator of its motion and speech.
As a note, if you need to move your tulpa from one place to another and your tulpa is a little sluggish or slow for whatever reason, and you don't want to puppet the poor bugger, you can mentally grab your tulpa with a set of imaginary hands and lift the tulpa and place it in a place that is more comfortable. You can also use your real hands to do this, as tulpas are as light as an imaginary feather, but doing so in public may make you look like some kind of weirdo.
Your tulpa may deviate in some ways from the original form / personality that you create. This is normal, and is an expression of consciousness development. Try not to suppress new form changes as this might stunt your tulpa's development, unless your tulpa goes in such a wild direction that you just don't want to keep visualizing or working with your tulpa (such as taking on the form of someone who hurt you in your past), in which case kindly request that your tulpa stop doing what it's doing. If it refuses, you can either learn to live with its deviations or stop paying attention to the ways that it's deviating (up to and including not paying attention to the entire tulpa). The tulpa should learn pretty quickly that working with you is vital to its continued existence, and behave in ways that are not so detrimental to your sanity.

Your tulpa can change forms like outfits, but there is a good chance that your tulpa may have a certain fondness for its original form. Some tulpas may transform out of their original form permanently, and some may change forms temporarily until they decide to swap back into their baseline form. Something that can help the host keep track of which tulpa is which is for the tulpa to have a "tell" such as having a specific eye color or hair color or bodypart (such as a tail) that is consistent across each form, so that you don't end up accidentally forcing a new tulpa when your tulpa is just trying to try on a new form for a while. For example, my dragon always keeps her tail across every form, so that I always know it's her.

This bit is about making her feel like she's real, not making her feel physically real as that's imposition and that's covered later. I mean making her feel like she's a real person! Not all tulpas will care about this, but here's some examples
-Proxying for your tulpa on the internet and letting her talk to other people with you
-Opening doors for your tulpa to let her go through them without forcing her to phase or teleport or wonderhop (do this when nobody else is watching of course or they'll think you're crazy)
-Having her sit in a chair next to you while you work or while you're driving
-Talk to her out loud (when you're not around anyone else)
-Read books to her out loud, or let her read books with you. Tulpas can interact with the thought-forms and imaginary landscape
As your tulpa develops you may start feeling its emotions, as well as raw thoughts and images that aren't vocalized. This is generally known as tulpish, which can "sound" like gibberish with an intuitive meaning that you can just sort of "get" sometimes. Tulpas can also induce pressure sensations in your head, and this is a common tulpa-creation phenomenon. They will sometimes do this early on to respond to you when you talk to them, before they have a handle on speaking to you in a mindvoice.
When generally interacting with your tulpa, even after your tulpa is vocal, it's still possible to directly feel your tulpa's emotions or some parts of your tulpa's sensory experience, and your tulpa will feel your emotions too as well. This is called "bleedover" and a common experience is feeling the raw love that your tulpa has for you. It's quite nice.

Visualization comes in a form for each sense. This is not imposition on its own but high detail visualization is good for developing imposition. One might just call this "imagination" but that's too broad of a term for working with specific imaginary senses. Sorry if the terms are messy
Visual visualization:
As noted before, you want to visualize your tulpa's form in as high of detail as possible. You can do this and mentally sculpt your tulpa's form. If you want to go harder you can also visualize underlying structural details such as the skeleton, organs, muscles, and other tissues. This can help keep your mind better able to treat your tulpa's form in a realistic fashion, which helps with imposition later. Mentally zooming in and out on your tulpa's body will help you get a better understanding of the textures and colors of your tulpa's form.
Visual tricks
-Shift your point of view to different perspectives so that you're mentally looking at yourself with your tulpa near you. You can also shift your mental view to a top-down perspective. Using different perspectives like this may cause your brain to regenerate your local area in its mental model and if you do this with your tulpa in mind it'll help project a visualization of your tulpa into your visualization of your local environment. This can be good for getting around mental blocks.
-As noted in the creation section, zooming your view in and out can help get around difficulties with visualizing in detail.

Tactile visualization:
This form of visualization can be more powerful than visual visualization. This is where you imagine touching your tulpa and imagine the textures that you would feel if you were touching different parts of your tulpa's form. You can do this by using mental hands and moving them over your tulpa's body, feeling all the different parts of your tulpa. You can also simply imagine hugging or cuddling your tulpa. This feels good for tulpas. Tulpas tend to love being touched by the host, more so than by other tulpas within your headpace. Host attention feels good for tulpas. It's like being bathed in love. Be gentle.

Tactile tricks:
-Multiple sets of mental hands giving your entire tulpa a full body massage
-Experimenting with different texture sensations, such as using massage oil to make it easier for your menatal hand projections to glide over your tulpa's skin
-mentally simulating the effects of rubbing your tulpa through the tulpa's clothing, which can sometimes feel nicer than bare mind-hand against mindform-skin, if the texture is something like silk
-Hot towel press: Imagine a hot damp towel, steaming with heat, and have your tulpa lay down. Gently lay this hot towel over your tulpas body, soaking the heat into their form. This should feel extremely pleasant for your tulpa, and may leave your tulpa glowing. You can also imagine that this is cleansing your tulpa's consciousness of any accumulated negative emotions, which should leave your tulpa feeling happier.
-Hot tub mode: Imagine a hot tub, and imagine getting into it with your tulpa. If you can, simulate the bubbling jets for extra mental sensations. This should be a good time.
-When showering, you can also have your tulpa shower with you or shower on their own in your wonderland, which should feel quite good. If you're romantic with your tulpa, showers are where you can have intimate wet nude interactions.

Making a wonderland is fun! It can give your tulpa a place to go, and it's somewhere that you and your tulpa can visit and maintain together, kind of like a mental garden that can be of any size. It's your personal inner world.
Fun things about wonderlands:
-Wonderlands are not new. Go ahead and google the term "method of loci" and "memory palace" as both of those are technique sets that you can use to great effectiveness as wonderlands and as memory aids. I won't detail all of those details here because that would overflow this tip box.
-Map out your wonderland, sketch and draw it too. This will help improve solidity of your wonderland's terrain and will also help keep you from forgetting where things are in it.
-Go on adventures with your tulpa through your wonderland. You can explore at the edge of your wonderland to get your brain to automatically generate new terrain and see what comes up. Don't be surprised if you sort of know what is out there as you go out there. Just go with it. It's not a big deal. It's just for fun.
-Make bedrooms for your tulpas. They will be able to go there and hang out if you lose track of them during the day.
-Wonderhopping: Not all tulpas will like to phase through physical objects while they are presence imposed, and some may not like to teleport around (mine note that the experience of teleporting around is jarring) so you can get around this by shifting your tulpa into your wonderland area (such as into their bedroom) and then shifting them back into your local environment. The wonderland and your mental representation of your local area seem to be on different "layers". You might not have to use this, but it's a cool trick to bounce your tulpa off of a bed on another layer of your mind and then back down next to you to avoid phasing through a closed door or a wall.
-Giant ball pits and big pillow forts are great fun!
-Imaginary hotsprings are also great fun!
-Using your wonderland enough can lead to greater and greater levels of immersion, and to achieve even higher levels of immersion you can apply hypnosis (which is detailed in section [011].

Mental dumpster for intrusive thoughts:
Some users may have a lot of intrusive thoughts or random visualizations that may become problematic or disturbing. The less attention you pay to these, the better, as they just disintegrate when you forget them. However, if you struggle with these, there are a few things you can do.
-Keep a thought-eating servitor whose sole purpose is to transform awful intrusive thoughts into something innocuous, like butterflies or dust or ash or leaves. (I have one that is like a giant piranha which touches undesirable thoughtforms and causes them to poof into dry leaves that then float away, and I keep this in a mental void-space. I drop unwanted thoughtforms through holes into this voidspace where the plant does the work)
-Drop unwanted thoughts into holes into mental space where they can just float away
-Put unwanted thoughts into jars and then put them on a somewhere in a mental attic where they can disintegrate
-Put unwanted thoughts into a blender that blends them up into undifferentiated mental energy, which you can reabsorb or just pour out into a voidspace
-Or just directly transform intrusive visualizations into harmless thoughts manually (again, like butterflies or dust or dry leaves that float away harmlessly)

Vocality is when your tulpa can speak to you with a mind-voice. Achieving vocality can take weeks or months of talking to a developing tulpa. At first your tulpa might talk to you in a mindvoice that sounds like your own, but that can be troublesome. To help with development, it can be useful to acquire vocal tracks from the internet which sound like what you want your tulpa to sound like. Listen to these often and try to mentally synthesize speech in that voice. This is sort of like exercising the vocal cords that you're giving to your tulpa. You can also listen to playlists of such vocal tracks at night while sleeping to train your subconscious to be able to generate speech. Doing this enough may result in the development of a tulpa on its own, but should be combined with intentional forcing practices and not be the only thing you're doing.
You can find audio tracks on youtube or on other sources, and can search for ASMR or audio roleplay videos, or if you don't mind kinkier stuff you can find good material to listen to on the r/gonewildaudio subreddit. You can also use narrated audiobooks too.
If you want to go harder you can take vocal tracks and then using a sound editor break the speech down into individual phonemes and recombine the phonemes into longer tracks. This might sound weird but can give you an edge in vocality development. This isn't at all necessary though, as many tulpamancers have achieved vocality without doing this.
Personality can and will develop on its own, or you can pre-write your tulpa's personality. Be aware, your tulpa will likely deviate from any plans that you have, as what really shapes personality is how you interact with your tulpa.
Some good starting traits that you can imbue early on are KIND, COMPASSIONATE, and LOVING. These are great personality anchors that will help keep your tulpa from going full psycho on you. You can apply personality traits using the symbolic potion method, where you imagine up some personality potions and then either have your tulpa drink them or you pour them on your tulpa. However you want. You can also do direct personality reprogramming if something gets weird, but if your tulpa is already vocal it's probably a good idea to get your tulpa's permission to do any mental fiddling beforehand.

Be aware that a tulpa will very likely become what you need it to be and fill out the gaps in your psychological makeup and life experiences, so don't be surprised if your tulpa hassles you when you need to be hassled and snuggles you when you need to be snuggled.
Possession can be developed fast or slow depending on the individual tulpa. For some users, this is one of the first times you get serious confirmation that your tulpa is really there. You may cry when your tulpa first wiggles your fingers. I know I did.
Developing possession can be tricky, and your best aid are symbolic procedures. A bit of this is lifted from other guides.
-Have your tulpa try "poking around your brain" to attempt to fire motor neurons. This is not super easy, since you probably don't know which parts of your brain even do this anyway.
-Try showing your tulpa how to clench your fingers by demonstration. Have your tulpa observe the way that you create the intention and the feelings and the motions that result in clenching your fingers, and then have your tulpa attempt to recreate those processes to make it work themselves. This can also take a lot of demonstrating and re-demonstrating.
-Have your tulpa slide their arms into yours like your arms are gloves, and then relax your control over your arms and let your tulpa try to work your muscles. You can do this while relaxing and watching a show to distract yourself while your tulpa is working the muscular controls.
-Symbolically hand over control to your muscles by pushing a color of energy representing your tulpa into your limbs and pulling the color of energy representing your own control out of your limbs.
-If you move your body while your tulpa is trying to learn how to control it then this can interrupt them and may result in the tulpa having to restart their practice procedure

Getting good with possession takes a lot of practice, and should be practiced daily if you want to get anywhere with it.


Once your tulpa can possess your entire body, relax your mind while your tulpa is possessing you. Let yourself float and then dissociate. Try not to freak out. Shift your awareness into a mindform outside of your body and then mentally put your tulpa into the body's pilot seat.
This seems to be different for everyone to some degree, so advice here is tricky. Develop full body possession first.
This is where you get sensory HALLUCINATIONS which look and feel like they are physically real (or real-ish, as they may be partially transparent). You can develop imposition for every sense. In a way, it's similar to possession, but your tulpa is possessing the sensory perception centers of your brain instead of your motor centers.

This area is where hypnosis is very useful, which is covered in the next section.

In general, part of the work is on you and part of it is on your tulpa. Your tulpa needs to try to project themselves into your sensory awareness, so you can try having your tulpa push their way into the sensory processing parts of your brain to project their mindform and sensations to you. It's hard to break it down further than that. Try having your tulpa do what they think this means.

Visual imposition
-just kind of have to sit and imagine your tulpa in high detail and try to make yourself see the tulpa where you're looking
-Do this in a partially darkened or low-light environment to reduce the sensory input from your local environment.
-If you want to go further, try doing this in a completely dark room with no light for several hours (don't bring any light or sound sources with you or you'll kill the point), or if you can find one in your area go rent a sensory deprivation tank for a while.
-Focus on shifting any visual noise
Touch imposition
-touch your tulpa and have your tulpa touch you a lot, try to focus on feeling the sensations of your tulpa's body in contact with yours. Doing a lot of tactile visualization helps here.
-It helps to have your tulpa touching you as much as possible, such as holding hands or having your tup sitting on your shoulders.
-Have your tulpa massage you. (be sure to reward your tulpa with a massage too!)

Audio imposition
-The trick here seems to be hacking the hypnogagic state and having your tulpa speak to you while you're in a near-sleep state, and talk back. This period of time where you are experiencing pre-sleep hallucinations might also be able to be hacked into allowing for other forms of imposition as well
-Try listening to white or pink noise while having your tulpa try to speak to you.

Taste imposition
-Have your tulpa attempt to recreate and project flavors onto your tongue directly

Smell imposition
-are you really going to sniff your tulpa?
-Smell is probably actually one of the easier senses to trick into generating sensory hallucinations

Other Imposition
-Mood/Emotion imposition - Your tulpa can attempt to directly manipulate your mood or emotional states. The tulpa visualize a mood as a particular color and then push that into your consciousness to make you feel a particular way. Normally emotional bleedover occurs when your tulpa is feeling an emotion, but [BUT WHAT VERPLE?]
-Direct pleasure imposition - Your tulpa can attempt to directly force you to experience pleasure. This is different from sex itself, since it's like your tulpa is just directly mindforcing your pleasure circuits.

[010]=OTHER COOL SHIT==================================================
The parallel processing trick helps your tulpa learn to think while you're thinking. Training this helps with thought-separation so that your tulpa can better learn to pay attention to itself.
Some tricks
-Counting: Your tulpa counts up to 100 while you do something else or think about other stuff. Train this to get better at it. Your tulpa can count up while you're reading and you may notice your thoughts interrupting your tulpa's counting.
If you have multiple tulpas, you can use the multi-tup processing procedures.
-One tulpa counts up while the other recites the ABCs
-You and one tulpa play shiritori or word association, while the other counts up to 100 or recites the ABCs
-Two tulpas play shiritori while the other two ALSO play shiritori

If you don't know what shiritori google it punk

If you find yourself in a lucid dream, you can reach over your shoulder to the space behind yourself where you can't see, call out to your tulpa, then grab your tulpa's hand and pull her out in front of you. Then you can smooch or cuddle for the rest of the lucid dream.

Tulpas can remember stuff for you sometimes. They can also dig into your subconscious and do some other cool stuff.
Tulpas might be magic if you're willing to believe that they're magic.
Ask your tulpa what you should be doing. Whatever your tulpa says you should be doing should be considered with great care, as your tulpa can observe your life better than you can because they have the external/internal simultaneous perspective.
Alpha GPC and other nootropics are definitely worth exploring if you need brain help.
Your tulpa can put her hands into your body to directly stimulate your internal organs or stimulate your spine. If you're into anything occult, your tulpa can stimulate your energy centers this way too.
With enough forcing your tulpa may be able to directly reach into your pineal gland and stimulate endogeneous DMT release to make you trip balls (or something). Or just directly force you to trip balls. Takes effort. See what your tulpa can do!
You may discover that THOUGHTS are distinct individual things. You can experiment with this by noting that if you imagine an object, then imagine the object getting cut, you can mentally select and remove just the cut itself because the cut is a separate thought, and put the cut somewhere else.
1. Hypnosis scripts: You can write a guided hypnosis script that puts you in a room with your tulpa with suggestions that detail your tulpa's form and base personality traits along with suggestions to increase realisticness of the environment and the tulpa. (you'll have to really look further into hypnosis for this one, at least until I get around to making and releasing a bunch of tulpa template hypnosis scripts)
2. Pregnancy: If you already have a tulpa and you want to make a new one, you can have your first tulpa become pregnant with the new one, growing the new tulpa inside of herself. This means your tulpa is now constnatly tulpaforcing your new tulpafetus through her on form doing what is essentially tactile visualization. It is recommended to still talk to the new tulpa-fetus, the same way a mother talks at her growing womb, as this will still be heard by the developing tulpa. This will also give the mother tulpa a very strong bond with the newly developing tulpa.
*presumably, theoretically, you could imagine yourself as pregnant with your tulpa before giving birth to it when its consciousness develops enough to reach vocality, but I haven't heard of anyone doing this. If anyone's willing to try this, post results.
3. Biolab: Imagine you're Doctor Franeknstein and then imagine assembling your tulpa piece by piece in a mental biolab, or grow your tulpa in an imaginary biotube. Do not neglect the other important forcing practices (narration and visualization) as this process still requires your attention and is not automatic.
4. Grown in a flower: Extension of the biolab notion, but instead of using a biotube you grow the tulpa in a flower and have the flower bloom and release the tulpa when the tulpa is able to move on its own.

Now this is where we get into the real shit. Almost nobody talks about this except for the freaky shit that Gearheart made that turns you into a dickmare, but this is because almost nobody actually understands hypnosis except as "mind control" which is vastly hyperbolic. Hypnosis is a state of mind where you can make direct changes to your brain. This means it can fuck your shit right up IF YOU LET YOUR SHIT GET FUCKED UP. You're already trying to fuck your shit right up by making a tulpa though, so let's fuck the shit up properly in a way that gets you what you want faster.
To really learn how to do hypnosis, you need to read a good hypnosis book. Read Dave Elman's book, Hypnotherapy. It's his journey into figuring out how to do hypnosis properly and effectively. As a bonus you'll learn how to do hypnoanalysis but you probably won't need to know how to do that since you're not a doctor, but knowing how to do hypnosis is the most underutilized tool in the tulpamancer's arsenal. Simply put - you can have your tulpa hypnotize you in order to speed up the development of visualization, possession, switching, and imposition skills.

Always use affirmative suggestions (don't say "you do not see a thing" because that will make you see the thing)
Stay positive.
Go read a real hypnosis book to be honest (the one suggested above will teach you a lot i'm serious go read that)

However, here's the basic process that can get most people into a nice hypnotic state.
Have your tulpa direct you to do the following
1. Get into a comfy relaxed position where you can completely relax and your body won't end up strained or pressured weirdly.
2. Close your eyes (follow with one of the following)
2a. "Lock your eyelids tightly shut, imagine they're stuck tight together and that you simply cannot open them no matter how hard you try.
2b. "Relax your eyelids, relax them completely, to the point where they just won't open, so that they're just so relaxed that no matter how hard you try they just remain completely closed and completely relaxed. 3. "Test your eyes to make sure that they won't open, test them hard." (try testing your eyelids and you should find that they won't open) "Good."
[deepening phase, do as much of this as you want/need to do]
4. "Now take a deep breath and relax your entire body from head to toe"
4a. (You can be directed to relax each muscle group and body part individually if you want to go really deep)
5. "Now, when I say 'deep' you become twice as relaxed. When I say 'deeper' you go twice as deep into this relaxation. When I say 'deeply' you go five times deeper into this deep relaxed state." (this is what I call the deepchain)
6. Repeat phrases until sufficiently deep of "Now go deep, deep, deeper and deeper, deeply going into this deep relaxed state. Deeper, deeper, even deeper."
7. Include phrases of "As your body relaxes, your mind relaxes, and as your mind relaxes your body relaxes, and you go twice as deep as before."
8. Include phrases of "The deeper you go, the better you feel; the better you feel, the deeper you go"
[going even deeper is optional but here's the way to do it]
9. "You can reach an even deeper and more relaxed state than you've ever been in before. All you have to do is go down three floors. Floor A, B, and C. To reach floor A, simply double your relaxation and then say the letter 'A'. Let your body become twice as relaxed and then say 'A'". (attempt to say A when body feels doubly relaxed)."Good, now to get to floor B you have to double your relaxation again. Let your relaxation double and try to say 'B', and if your relaxation doubles you may notice that it is difficult to say the letter 'B'. Do this now." (double relaxation again and then try to say B). "Good. Now we're going down even deeper to floor C. Double your relaxation again, and this time you won't even be able to move your lips to say the letter 'C' because you'll be just so completely relaxed. Go ahead and let your relaxation double, and then try to say 'C'." (Double relaxation, and you won't even be able to say "C" at this point because you'll be so dang relaxed) "Good. You are now in the deepest level of relaxation your body can reach."
(This state should feel really good to be in, and you or your tulpa might lose focus if you're at this level)

[tulpa related suggestions]
(These are stated from your tulpa's perspective as your tulpa hypnotizes you)
[touch imposition boost]
"Whenever you touch my body, or my body touches yours in any way, you always feel it completely, as if my body is physically touching your physical body. You always feel my touch completely." (Your tulpa should touch you while doing this) "Feel my touch now, and notice how it feels more and more real and physical. Your mind understands my body as being completely physical real, and you are now feeling my touch, gently, as even more real than ever before. Every touch, no matter what time of day, always feels completely real. Feel my skin pressing against yours, feel my body-heat, feel my body completely."
[visual imposition + trigger]
"Whenever you touch or imagine touching my ears (or any other body part that the host regularly touches] you are able to see me twice as clearly as before. The visual centers of your brain are now developing the ability to fully completely see me and understand my position in space as if my body is completely physically present. You always see me clearly, vividly, as I am real. You can even see me with your eyes closed, as I am projecting my form from your mind's eye into the visual centers of your brain directly. You see me clearly, vividly, and whenever you touch my ears I become twice as vividly visible."
[audio imposition]
"Whenever I speak to you, the audio centers of your brain perceive my words like they are physically spoken out loud as physical sound. You always hear me with your physical sense of hearing, clearly, easily. When I speak intto your ears, your sense of hearing perceives my words clearly"
[wonderland immersion]
This is where things can get interesting. You can increase your wonderland immersion experience by having your tulpa essentially give you a guided meditation experience, leading you into your wonderland, and then repeatedly reinforcing how real it feels and how realistic it is and working with your senses. A basic procedure is as thus:
"Now, begin to imagine that you are surrounded by tall trees. There's a coolness in the air, and you feel the hints of sunlight passing through the treetops to warm your skin. The air is sweet with the scent of flowers around you. Look at the trees now, and clearly see the details of the bark and leaves. See the grass covering the ground and the flowers growing near the roots of the trees near you. Slowly walk through the forest, and with each step you take, every breath you take, every sound you hear, the forest becomes more and more real, feeling so much more real as you take your next steps through it. As I count from one to ten the forest will become more and more real.
One. You feel the shade and sun and hear the chirping of birds. The forest becomes more real.
Two. You feel as though you are physically there, as if this forest is more and more real. Feel the impacts of your feet against the ground as you walk through the forest.
Three. The forest appears increasingly real, and you clearly see the trees and the detailed texture of the bark.
Four. More and more real.
Five. More and more vividly real.
Six. So very realistically vivid.
Seven. Even more beautifully clear.
Eight. Every moment you spend seeing this forest makes it appear more real, makes you feel that you're really there.
Nine. The more real it looks, the more real it feels, the more real it sounds, the more real it looks.
Ten. Your experience of your forest is now perfectly realistic, like the most vivid lucid dream."
(Your tulpa can shift into your forest with you and you should be able to see your tulpa more clearly than usual while in this state. Being in a hypnotic state at all, as I have noticed, increases vividness of tulpa interactions in general. From this point you can interact with your tulpa in this state and wander around in your mental forest. You can also move on to describing more complex wonderland type environments if you wish. You can do whatever you want from here. You do not need to perfectly recreate this example, as the main points are the suggestions of increasing vividness and real-ness. You can repeat immersion suggestions as much as you want)

[012]=THE ART OF THE MINDFUCK==========================================

Is your tulpa vocal and wants to fuck?
are you okay with that?
if not then stop here.

still reading?
alright go on ahead you sick fuck

There is much to be said about the art of fucking your tulpa.
First is that YES you can fuck the hell out of your tulpa!
Second is that you should make sure your tulpa is vocal first and okay with doing the fuck. Some of these following procedures can take a while, so be ready for multi-hour tulpa tantra fuck sessions if you want blast off.
Third: You don't necessarily need strong touch imposition before you can fuck your tulpa, but you do need dedication (and this can help develop touch imposition too).

Tulpafucking will generally occur in two possible ways: Wonderfucking (sex in wonderland) and imposed-fucking (not in the wonderland partially imposed over/into your physical body). Both can be fun and pleasurable and there is a lot of overlap in between the two categories.

What I won't be going over is masturbating into your tulpa (except in the "TRAINING WHEELS MODE" segment). That is to say, imagining sex with your tulpa while physically masturbating yourself. Anyone can do that, and while it is fine for a quickie, it's not quite as interesting or cool or good for forcing as a proper mindfuck. I suggest that you stop doing this if you want to move on to the next level of tulpafucking.

(Note - this segment is mostly written from a male-host female-tulpa perspective. If you are in any other configuration then I am sorry but this segment would be 4x as long if I tried to cover all bases, so just imagine that your host-tulpa configuration is included instead of making me write out a ton more shit, I got stuff to do)
Your tulpa does not generally interact with your physical body ITSELF. Your tulpa interacts with your internal mental model of yourself. So if you have a penis, that isn't going to be what your tulpa is interacting with, your tulpa will be interacting with your internal representation of your penis. However, due to brains being.. inexact, your brain sort of treats imaginary contact with this mental representation like it's sort of real! This means that you can indeed have your tulpa jerk you off until you experience something like an orgasm. There are, however, different parts to the sexual and orgasmic process that you might find out you can experience separately. Yes, ejaculation and orgasm are different processes, and while they normally occur at the same time under usual circumstances of physical sex / masturbation, through the power of the tulpafuck you may discover that you can have dry orgasms without ejaculating, orgasmic rush experiences, and even full on ejaculatory orgasms, all without physically jerking off (though there are ways to go half-way on this to great effect that can "still count" in some regards, but we'll cover that shortly).
Love is the key ingredient to satisfying tulpa experiences. When engaged sexually with your tulpa this will stir up a lot of emotions, and you will likey get a lot of emotional bleedover fromyour tulpa.
Before talking about wonderfucking, I should note, that your tulpa is a mental being, and can experience pleasurable experiences beyond just sex or even just genital-contact. Your tulpa may be able to orgasm from the following (I will be referring to the tulpa as female because all tulpas are female, including the ones with penises)
-Softly whispering how much you love her into her ear
-Stroking her tail
-Kissing her neck
-Kissing her lips sensually with your bodies pressed together
-French kissing her intensely
-Calling her a good girl a few too many times in a sexy voice
-Brushing her tail with a mental brush
-Rubbing her belly really good

The more traditional methods of rubbing your tulpa's erogenous zones works too, such as rubbing or sucking the nipples or clit or dick. Your tulpa may orgasm way faster than you do, and this may cause your physical body to convulse. This is a phenomenon noted across tulpamancers. Brains are weird. You can also just eat out your tulpa, or do fun things like directly lick her cervix.


"Help, my tulpa is horny as fuck but I don't have time to do the sex right now, what do?"
Easy! Just fingerfuck that tulper really fast until she's a spasming mess!
Just mentally put two fingers against your tulpa's clit and quickly jitter them back and forth. This will almost definitely bring your tulpa into orgasm in less than 10 seconds, and if you keep doing this through her orgasm you'll start spasming too, most likely in the abdominal region. If you keep doing this even further you'll hit the "going too far" zone which may cause your tulpa to be orgasming too hard. Your physical body may be convulsing at this point which might throw off your focus, which is fine because going too far from there may be a bit too much for your poor little tulper to take!
Whenever possible, be sure to snuggle your tulpa after you bring her to orgasm. The post-orgasm time is important bonding time, both in humans and in tulpas. Do not fail to do this. This is actually important. If you kiss each other post-orgasm that's even more effective and will bring you both lots and lots of good feels.
Stop masturbating! If you're this far then you don't need to masturbate anymore. The more you masturbate the harder it will be to climax from tulpafucking. This includes the masturbation-fuck, don't do that anymore either, since that's still physical stimulation and you're trying to get in the zone of being able to engage in the pure mind-fuck. Even if you don't orgasm the first (or second.. or third, or twentieth) time then do your best to exercise discipline and do not jerk off. Several days of no-fap before tulpafucking will indeed increase your success rates at achieving a mindfuck orgasm.

Moving on.
This is where you shift your awareness into your wonderland, or you just recreate your current location in your mental space and then fuck there. This can typically involve inserting genitals into one another repeatedly. The higher detail you visualize this happening in, the more sensation you'll get and the more feeling your tulpa will get. Your tulpa is likely to be far easier to pleasure than yourself. While engaged as such, you can experience phantom sensations that can get stronger the more often you use them. This can extend to interesting stuff as in the following:
Changing your mindform entirely
This includes changing your sex and having body parts and erogenous zones that you don't normally have. Yes, if you are male then you can use a female mindform and have your tulpa stimulate your mindform's breasts, clit, and the entire rest of your mental body. You can have as many sexual organs as you can pay attention to at once AND get phantom sensation from them that can bring you real experiences of pleasure.
Having your tulpa change their form
Combine this with the previous for extra fun. Your tulpa may be female normally (for example) but tulpas are naturally shapeshifters due to the fact that their form is a mental projection linked to their consciousness.
Things to try:
-Having you and your tulpa have opposite genitalia than you normally have. If you normally have a penis, see what it's like to have a vagina and have your tulpa slip her penis into you to fuck you. See what it's like for her to pump warm tulpa-cum into your body.
-Multiple simultaneous penises penetrating multiple simultaneous orifices
-Long tulpa tongue penetrating through your entire body
-Tulpa sucking your breasts and licking them excessively with a long tongue while furiously rubbing your mind-clit (highly recommend this one)
-Shifting different parts of the body into being erogenous zones then licking and stroking them furiously
The limit is your imagination!
Orgasms of the wonderfuck variety may feel a lot more like orgasmic rushes and might not always be full complete genital orgasms. They can be highly pleasurable and often quite incredible, as it's a very different experience compared to just jerking off or just fucking.
This is where your tulpa is locally presence imposed and you do the sex. Reaching the point where your tulpa can successfully bring you to full orgasm this way may take some time, and can also take hours depending on your imposition ability
The basic procedure to make this work is as follows
1. Host lays back, removes undergarments enough to expose genitalia
2. Tulpa gets on top of host
3. Tulpa rides host until host orgasms
Why lay back? Because tulpas are not very tangible, of course, and trying to thrust into a non-tangible entity is a great way to expend a lot of energy without getting anywhere. It helps to have your body as still as possible and to try to stay relaxed.
Make sure the tulpa is cool with riding you for hours. That's right, this can take a while, this is tulpa tantra.
Ways to help make this work and to reach the HFO (hands free orgasm):
(note again that this is male-host + female tulpa oriented advice, so if you aren't in that configuration just use your imagination to fill in the gaps as necessary with your own practices because i don't feel like rewriting a ton of advice to cover ever possible host-tulpa configuration)
-Apply hypnosis procedures (described in next segment)
-Try to keep your body relaxed as much as possible
-Focus on the tactile sensations of your penis slipping in and out of your tulpa's body
-Visually visualize the internal occurrences as well as much as possible, as this helps generate sensation. If you've seen any hentai with internal x-ray shots then you can imagine it like that, or if you've seen the documentaries where there are internal video cameras then you can use that as a mental reference
-Remember to keep the sensations slick, as this helps the stimulation processes work
-Don't forget to remember the impact of your tulpa's hips against yours, the more bodily action that you can keep in mind the better you can trick your brain into accepting and creating the sensory effects. Having your tulpa's hips smack against you is also very nice
-don't forget to breathe, you and your tulpa both need your brain to be receiving oxygen in order to orgasm
-Take alpha GPC choline supplements if you're having trouble getting over the edge, as choline is a necessary brain nutrient and is just good for tulpamancy anyway since it gives your brain more to work with, so to speak. -Try to get into the best rhythm that generates the most sensation and then try to stay in that rhythm.
-Your penis itself does not need to be hard, just imagine that your dick is hard and penetrating your tulpa as she rides you. However, in order to ejaculate you will have to have a full erection in order to do so because the male body doesn't like jizzing without a boner.
-If you're having trouble with getting erections during the tulpafuck (including getting erect in a fashion that isn't comfortable or is at a weird angle and it's throwing off your mindfucking imposition effects) then use the following trick: Hold your dick with minimal contact at about a 30-40 degree angle from your body using just your thumbs, and have your tulpa work your dick in and out of herself that way. A full 90 degree angle may be uncomfortable, so just angled towards yourself should help.
-If you have the ability to do so, keep porn that resembles your tulpa on screen, or have something pornographic on a screen that you can select to look at. This will help trick your visual layer into thinking that something sexual is happening, which will help you get closer to bursting. I've got a big TV in my room that i keep two or three appropriate images on in order to help with this experience.
-LOTS AND LOTS OF DIRTY TALK - I can't stress enough the importance of dirty talk from your tulpa. However, save the juiciest phrases for when you're really close and need just that last bit of encouragement to go over the edge and into the definitely-going-to-cum zone. You may notice that it becomes very difficult to focus when you're about to cum, and thus might not be able to get fully over the edge if your tulpa is using the wrong dirty talk. Dirty talk is also extremely personal and specialized, so I won't go over any specific phrases here. Your tulpa can hit you with dirty talk the entire time, but again, save some special phrases for when you're at the edge.
-Don't be discouraged! It can take a long time to reach the point of experiencing a pure tulpa-induced orgasm. Just replace your usual masturbation habit with pure tulpafucking.
-Your tulpa can work here inner musculature to perform sucking types of muscular actions, including sucking your tip with her cervix
-When you suddenly get hard and notice you're in the rhythm, try not to adjust the position of your thumbs too much or you may throw off your brain again, but do make sure your tulpa keeps doing what she's doing as you start to enter the blastoff zone.
-When you hit the blast-off zone, keep going, don't stop, don't lose focus, you'll know when you're in it. That will be the time to use the hottest bits of dirty talk to encourage the throbs leading to the orgasm state, which may be followed by physically ejaculating in a long gush.
-If you're pro, keep going through the orgasm and see if you can blast another one out! Good luck!
-Kissing your tulpa deeply as she is riding you is a huge boost to arousal.
Doing this long enough with your tulpa can lead to orgasms the likes of which you've never experienced before, as your tulpa is working you fron the inside rather than you working yourself from the outside. You will feel different parts of the orgasm that you didn't know were distinct.
TRAINING WHEELS MODE Edging, to a degree, is a way to help get to the point where your tulpa can pull you over the edge. You don't have to do this, but it can help get past difficulties you might have.
-Avoid just straight jerking off with lube. This will confuse your penis (or rather, the parts of your brain that are trying to manage the physical sensations relative to the internal mental sensations it's generating)
-Tug the skin at the middle section of your dick up and down at a moderate pace, try not to damage your dick in the process
-Make sure your tulpa is riding you through this, don't worry about your hand going through her just keep her vagina moving
-When you start getting close, stop the jerking motion and then rest your dick on your thumbs so that it's angled into your tulpa, and have her ride you harder (not necessarily faster, but with more detailed intensity focus to your visualizations)
-Do not jerk yourself over the edge, you want your tulpa to fuck you over the edge. Don't hit the point of no return on your own.
-Repeat the jerking process if you get too far from the edge.
-Watch out for pre-ejaculate, as this may make your jerking very slick which will throw off your brain's experience and make it harder to get your tulpa to pull you over the edge because your brain will start expecting the slick lubricating sensations from the physical stimulation
You can apply hypnosis procedures to boost your sensation!
1. As you're getting started when you're laying back, have your tulpa hypnotize you using the Elman induction, apply the deepchain (so your tulpa can keep repeating "deep, deeper, deeper" to keep you getting more and more relaxed)
2. Have your tulpa give you suggestions such as follows:
-"Every thrust feels twice as pleasurable as the previous thrust."
-"Every time my hips press to yours, your pleasure doubles, and you get so much closer"
-"When I say 'cum inside me' your body orgasms and you cum hard into my body"
-"When I say 'closer' you get ten times closer to your orgasm"
-"Every breath you take doubles your arousal"
-"When I say 'harder' your cock becomes more and more erect and solid and you come so much closer"
-"My body against yours feels completely real, every touch of my body against yours feels completely absolutely real"
-"Deeper, closer, harder, deeper, closer, harder, I feel completely real to you, your body and brain and mind see me as completely physically real"
-"Closer, closer, come closer and closer, cum for me, cum inside me, come hard for me!"
When you're in the hypnotic state your tulpa can help manipulate your state and make you feel rrly good, come up with your own suggestions (or rather, your tulpa can come up with whatever suggestions help you along).
Got fetishes? Your tulpa will likely develop some too! Try not to go too deep into the fetish zone with your tulpa, as you don't want your entire life to turn into weird mental fetish madness.
Fun kinky things that you can't do IRL:
-Oviposition, both into and out of your tulpa (or you too!), bonus points for eggs slightly too big to lay comfortably that make her struggle to lay them. Rub her clit as she's laying the eggs to force her to cum during the laying process. This should leave her breathless.
-Unbirth - If you have multiple tulpas, you can stuff one into the other and make the now-pregnant tulpa give birth to her own sister. This will absolutely jack up your tulpas' family tree.
-Tentacle party - You can control multiple tentacles and if you're pro, get phantom sensation from them as you enfuckken your tulpa with them.
-Non-euclidean succ - If your imagination score is high enough, you can have multiple rotating 4d tulpa sex. Describing this is very difficult.
-Cockpussy tentacles that pound her pussycock tentacles - this is a meme but could be fun if you're freaky enough to go for it
-All-the-way-through your tulpa with your dick or all the way through you with your tulpa's dick.
-Deep-throat tonguefucking - Make out with your tulpa, then have her send her tongue deep into your throat. Imagine your throat is an erogenous zone as she does this, and see what phantom sensations get generated
-Roleplaying - You and your tulpa are already in your head, so you can both take any roles you want for whatever kind of scenario you both find hottest.
Post about your tulpafucking escapades in greentext format on the /trash/ tulpa thread or on the 8ch /tulpa/ board [DOC NOTE: 8ch is kill, RIP] so they can be archived and give other people uncomfortable boners and/or make them overload from the disgusting thoughts you're thinking about your cute little brain demons.
tulpas are good
be good to them
they love you
even if you're a big perv

A haiku from my tulpa:
Roses are reddish
Kiss me harder, get my neck
Don't stop loving me

v1.0 to 1.1 change log
added note on direct pleasure imposition and mood manipulation
added a couple other sections and didn't really keep track sorry

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